How To Guide

Please read our ‘How To’ manuals above before submitting any photos for a quote

How to supply artwork eg. Logo

To make thing easier for everyone we need artwork in a specific way

  • Vector graphics
  • High res photos or images
  • pdf, ai, eps, jpg (high res) file formats

Vector Graphics: The best way is in a Vector Format – What is that you may ask, well the definition of a vector format is this:

Vector graphics is the creation of digital images through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given two-dimensional or three-dimensional space.”

Yeah, we find it hard to understand also. The easy explaination is a vector format can scale up or down in our graphics program without losing any quality.
High Res Photos or Images: A photo is not a vector and the quality of the photo depends on how high the pixel number is. If you scale a photo up and zoom in you will notice the pixels getting bigger, vectors dont do this as they dont use pixels. this is why we ask for photos or images in high res. The higher the pixel count, the better the quality. A low res image compared to a high res image is very noticeable (in a bad way).
Pdf, Ai, Eps, Jpg File Formats: Luckily these are the most common used file formats for photos, images and logos. You will most likely have your files in these formats and that is great.

Now you know what we like, here are some big no no’s:

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint Documents – These files do work sometimes, but more often they don’t. Also they have a habit of moving your design around between versions of the program. It’s just not a good idea
  • Photos of your logo or business card – This will work if we need an idea of colours etc, but supplying your logo like this to reproduce for printing, this will take a lot of our time to reproduce and end up being expensive for you.
  • A copied & pasted logo off the internet – Images from the internet are made for the internet. Image sizes are made smaller and compact to help with faster loading of web pages. Which means the quality will be no good.
  • I got Vista Print to do my other artwork, can you just get it off there? – No we can’t. We produce quality products and we are proud of doing so.